Lusail Stadium, in Qatar's city of the future, has a fittingly futuristic design. With its original architectural vision designed by Foster + Partners, the sleek, bold shape of this arena will stun fans at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™. Yet that very shape is based upon bowls and other vessels used across the Middle East for centuries.

Exquisite and practical

As soon as fans catch sight of the 80,000-seat Lusail Stadium, they will initially be struck by the sheer scale of the venue with its elegant, muted gold exterior which, with the passing of time, will inspire an image of aged metal handicrafts. Adorned with intricate detail reminiscent of decorative wares from days gone by, the stadium bowl will feature a graceful undulating trim that would make a master artisan proud.

Crowning the elaborate stadium façade will be a roof made from materials carefully chosen to provide shade, while still admitting just the right amount of sunlight to nourish the first-rate playing surface within.

At night, an advanced lighting system will maximise the interaction of the light and openings in the façade, mimicking the welcoming glow of a fanar lantern for approaching fans. 

A treat for the eyes and the ears

Once inside the stadium, visitors will be greeted by the spectacular sight of 80,000 passionate football fans. This wall of colour will be accompanied by a wall of sound, with the arena's roof and curved sides forming a cauldron where fans' songs and cheers will reverberate to every ear.

Turner International Middle East (TiME) Qatar are the project management consultants responsible for making this extraordinary vision a reality.

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