As Khalifa International Stadium was already a host venue of international level events, its redevelopment – and therefore its environmental impact – was kept to a minimum. The main focus was on enhancing its capacity and facilities to FIFA World Cup™ standards and, crucially, modernising it to become a more environmentally friendly venue

A green route to the game

Before fans even get to the stadium, they will be contributing towards the goal of making the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ the most eco-friendly tournament ever – one of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy's key objectives. Whether they arrive via bus or the dedicated Sports City metro station, they will be helping to minimise the tournament's carbon footprint.

If fans are heading to another FIFA World Cup™ fixture after the match, they won't drive up vehicle emissions and air miles by travelling for hours between host cities. Unlike previous editions of the tournament, no 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ venue will be more than an hour away from any other. Located in the geographical centre of our proposed tournament venues, Khalifa International Stadium is particularly well placed for onward travel.

A historic stadium, with a sustainable future

One of the most important changes to the stadium was the addition of a huge new roof canopy. Along with advanced cooling systems, it helps to maintain a comfortable temperature for football fans, supplying a simple, green solution to an environmental challenge.

Every effort made in the stadium's renovation, down to the use of energy-saving lighting and bathroom fittings. Khalifa International Stadium is the first 2022 FIFA World Cup™ venue to achieve the goal of Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) certification. Even a venue as historic as Khalifa International Stadium recognises that sustainability is an integral part of its future.


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