The design of Al Rayyan Stadium is the story of Qatar. Its most striking feature is a glowing façade, made from patterns that characterise different aspects of the country: the importance of family, the beauty of the desert, the native flora and fauna, local and international trade. A seventh shape, that of a shield, brings together all the others and represents the strength and unity that is particularly relevant to the proud desert town of Al Rayyan.

Visually stunning, culturally important

These patterns are geometric shapes of the type often found in Islamic architecture and their impressive intricacy also reflects the exquisite handicrafts produced in Qatar.

This unique façade is nestled around a compact seating structure, which will guarantee an electric atmosphere and allow all 40,000 fans to feel closer than ever to the action on the pitch. Those fans will be protected from the elements by a lightweight canopy and advanced cooling systems, allowing them to enjoy every match in complete comfort.

Man-made wonder inspired by nature

If fans can take their eyes off the spectacular sight of Al Rayyan Stadium itself, they will see that other parts of the district echo the desert motif, including dune-shaped hospitality areas and merchandise stalls. Nightfall will bring another dimension to the scene as several nearby buildings light up with a soft glow, welcoming visitors from far and wide.

The picture is completed by green belt land surrounding the stadium complex, serving as a further reminder of the central place that nature occupies in Al Rayyan, in Qatar and in the 2022 FIFA World Cup™. 

Ramboll designed the complex and AECOM is the project manager for the stadium.

Al Rayyan Stadium design

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