The first FIFA World Cup™ in the Middle East is shaping the region's future. Education and research are just a couple of the areas where our legacy planning is already inspiring vital development and new ways of thinking.

Through education, we are energising sectors that will contribute to more diversified, forward-looking economies across the region. We are also introducing pioneering disciplines like behavioural psychology to the region – using research to improve processes and policy outcomes.

Josoor Institute

Created by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Josoor Institute is the Middle East's centre of excellence for the sports and events industries. Inspired by the arrival of the FIFA World Cup™ to this historic region, it runs expert-led courses on sports management and events management.

Some of its graduates will contribute to one of the most ground-breaking sporting occasions of all time – the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

Before that, Josoor Institute will continue to conduct in-depth research, bringing new understanding to the sports and events industries. It also offers bespoke research – in addition to workshops and strategic guidance – through its consultancy arm.

Qatar Behavioural Insights Unit

Governments around the world have found that using insights from behavioural economics and psychology to gently 'nudge' people towards better choices can improve outcomes for themselves and their societies.

 Education & Research

The concept of creating behavioural insights units is increasingly being used to improve service delivery, as well as to foster healthier and happier communities.

At launch, the QBIU was the first behavioural insights initiative in the Middle East. It has a number of experiments under way in policy areas including education, workers' welfare, environmental sustainability and healthy lifestyles. The policy changes it pioneers will contribute to creating a better future for our region and the world.